Friday, September 25, 2009

He's Not Ashamed...

I am deeply blessed by the truth that "He (Christ) is not ashamed to call us brethren..." Hebrews 2:11. Jesus is not ashamed of us... What powerful words these are to the guilt-filled, sinful soul. How many times do we feel ashamed of ourselves before God because of our own sin and guilt? But Jesus is not ashamed of us...He has personally cleansed those who put their faith in Him from all their iniquity. When I think about all the things that Jesus must see in makes me shudder sometimes. He knows EVERYTHING about me. He knows my heart more than I do. He sees our true intentions, our true motives, our true ambitions, our thoughts (every one of them), every sin we commit, and our hearts. Just as it is stated in Genesis, " every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually..." Genesis 6:5. Yet, He chose to endure the cross for that He could wash our sins away. How loving He is toward us! He chose to be forsaken by the Father so that He could "make His abode" with us. And after all His suffering from the hands of sinners (us), it is still written that He is not ashamed to call us brothers. I am truly blessed by this and I pray that you would be as well. May the fruit of our lips be a pleasing sacrifice to Him...give Him praise!!!

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